Seo 2015 & Beyond :: Search engine optimization will never be the same again

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Important The 2016 version of this book has now been released. Completely revised and updated, it now includes the Seo Checklist that was previously sold as a separate book. Find Seo 2016 & Beyond by searching Amazon for B013f04foi. To avoid mistakes in typing that, copy and paste it into the search box in Amazon.seo 2015 & Beyondsearch engine optimization will never be the same againthis book is now in it’s fourth major update and includes coverage of the Hummingbird update as well as Panda & Penguin.if the Seo book/course you are putting your faith into was written before September 2012, then you could be following advice that will get your site penalized, or even removed from Google. Google made massive changes in 2011, but even more significant changes in 2012. In 2013 & 2014 Seo changed again with several major algorithm changes. Strategies taught as best principles even a year ago are now considered “black hat” or just plain risky in 2015. Seo 2015 & Beyond will tell you what you can do and what you cannot.let’s look at what happened.on February 11th, 2011, Google dropped a bombshell on the Seo community when they released the Panda update. Panda was designed to remove low quality content from the search engine results pages. The surprise to many were some of the big name casualties that were taken out by the update. On 24th April 2012, Google went in for the kill when they released the Penguin update. Few Seos that had been in the business for any length of time could believe the carnage that this update caused. If Google’s Panda was a 1 on the Richter scale of updates, Penguin was surely a 10. It completely changed the way we need to think about Seo. On September 28th 2012, Google released a new algorithm update targeting exact match domains (emds). While I have never been a huge fan of exact match domains, many other Seo books and courses teach you to use them. I’ll tell you why I think those other courses and books are wrong.the Emd update was sandwiched in between another Panda update (on the 27th September) and another Penguin update (5th October).on 22nd May 2013, Google unleashed Penguin 2.0 which went far deeper than the original Penguin algorithm. This was not just a data refresh, but a major update to Penguin itself, and its only going to get August 2013, Google released Hummingbird. This was a major change in the way Google sorts through the indexed pages

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